I founded 2Way Development in 2004, and over 10 years developed an online volunteering platform capable of mobilising diverse sectors of society into volunteering opportunities around the globe. 

The 2Way Development System 

In 2008 I led 2Way Development through a digital transformation strategy, launching a web-based operating platform. This facilitated rapid volunteer mobilisation, cost reductions of 20%, and a global community of thousands of volunteers and voluntary organisations.

Service Design

To support the digital transformation of operations, I overhauled service design, turning complex manual processes into systematised user-led experiences. The volunteer journey became a self-driven 23 step checklist, and partners were ‘self-screened’ in 22 steps.

User Experience

Web-based operations allowed the automation of the entire volunteer journey, from application to alumni. This ensured a user-friendly experience with high levels of user control, and user profiles providing real-time information, timelines, checklists and auto messages.