In 2010 I was Expert Advisor to the Lonely Planet, supporting the development of a global publication on volunteering, entitled “Volunteer”, first released in 2010 and later in 2017.

Accessibility to Volunteering 

At a time when interest in overseas volunteering was growing rapidly, the Lonely Planet released a timely publication to raise awareness of the complexities of volunteering, making it more accessible to a mass audience. 

The Ills and Cures of Volunteering

I authored specific sections of the book including a feature on the ‘ills and cures of volunteering’, referencing culture shock, the importance of planning and skills matching, and support networks available to volunteers. 

The Volunteering Industry

The book took readers through the fast-changing volunteering landscape, from the pros and cons of government-funded programmes, to DIY placements, plus offered a substantial directory of organisations championing volunteering globally.